Safety at Sea Seminars: CCA, STC, MTAM, Others

For those racing offshore or planning a coastal or offshore voyage, Safety at Sea seminars, particularly those with the Hands-on section, can be valuable additions to your seamanship and safety arsenal, and are required for many races.  Several organizations are offering thes highly recommended classes:

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  • Recently, the Storm Trysail Foundation announced their course ("bigger and better") will be held May 19 at SUNY. This comprehensive set of offerings will include training for every level of sailor and activity. See their website for more information
  • CCA, of course, is offering a set of courses March 10 and 11 in the Newport, Rhode Island area. These are geared for NBR entrants, but suitable for all.  Click Here
  • MTAM will be presenting a dual-track pair of seminars. Cruisers take a cruisers' safety seminar, and racers get a World-Sailing qualified advanced safety seminar. March 24 2018 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. See all information at


For a COMPLETE updated list of courses, sorted by date and location, please see our new Safety and Seamanship site's Course Finder.

These courses are excellent preparation for any voyage.