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Articles are of general interest to the entire CCA membership, and are not particular to any specific station. Categories include Feature Articles, Safety Moments, White Papers and For Ocean Racers.

  • Spinlock inflatable
    Life Jacket Recommendations
    The CCA recommends that, at the skipper’s discretion, all crew should WEAR A LIFE JACKET when on deck of a recreational boat. There are various types of life jackets with advantages and disadvantages, and that are appropriate for different conditions. But the best one is the one you are WEARING. The boat's skipper should establish a culture of safety and protocols, the goal of which is: don't fall overboard. Read more
  • Preventer diagram
    Preventers: A Comparison of Approaches

    Preventers for off wind sailing has always been a popular discussion topic.

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  • A mask
    Safety and Cruising Etiquette during COVID-19
    Boating, safety, and the pandemic are not mutually exclusive. Our fleet surgeon offers some advice for maintaining a safety ethos aboard. Read more
  • A VHF with DSC
    Group DSC Primer for Fleets and Safety: Group Calls on your VHF
    Not just for safety anymore, DSC can be used to contact another boat for purely non-emergency reasons, such as find other boats positions and automatically plot them on your chart-plotter Not only that, you can set your radio to be part of a “group” to send and receive alerts intended for a fleet of vessels. This capability may serve any fleet, be it yacht club, regatta, race or just a group of friends. Read more
  • Shackleton Headshot
    Leadership. Think Shackleton!

    CCA member Richard du Moulin contributes to our “Creating a Culture of Safety” series, reflecting on the essence of great leadership at sea in this article adapted from his work as a long-time leader of safety-at-sea seminars fo

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  • A Spinlock Vest
    Tough Questions on Inflatable Life Jackets
    I like to think that the courses and articles and online tutorials are complete and easy to understand, but anyone who teaches knows that the best way to check comprehension is to listen to the questions that are asked. After my “story” in Lectronic Latitude was published, I received several excellent questions from a sailor whom is living on her boat in La Paz, Baja California. Alison Osinski, PhD, asked me the following: Read more
  • Neck and Neck at the start
    The Joys of Singlehanding

    by Gust Stringos, Boston Station, Gulf of Maine Post

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  • Tippy Canoe and Kayaks, too: Small boat and water toy safety

    Several years ago, I was asked to serve on the National Boating Safety Advisory Council, which is a group that (as the name suggests) advises and coordinates with the Coast Guard on issues related to recreational boating safety

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  • Voyages 2020
    Voyages 2020

    Voyages 2020 is available for your reading pleasure

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  • A change in the weather
    Weather Seminar Videos 2020

    Weather is a chaotic, turbulent, system. It's of critical interest to ocean voyagers, of course, and our understanding of it has advanced rapidly in recent years, thanks, in part, to dramatic advances in measurement, analysis, and communications technology. These advances have resulted in much better information available to the mariner in planning and executing a voyage.

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  • Sacrificing One’s Body: Better, Safer Docking
    Six key points to keep in mind when docking the boat. Chuck explains it all. Read more