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The NBR Foundation has been set up to provide a stable financial base for the race. The goal is to maintain the race as a volunteer-run event, and limit reliance on commercial sponsorship.


Serve as an endowment to stimulate interest in and to facilitate the conduct of international offshore sailboat races, including from Newport, Rhode Island or another location, to Bermuda, by a broad spectrum of sailing vessels crewed by amateur skippers and crews, and to fund educational and training programs and literature that emphasize seamanship, navigation and handling of small vessels.


  • Disburse funds in furtherance of the Newport Bermuda Race and expenses incidental of the conduct of such race and other such national and international amateur yacht-racing competitions as may be approved the NBRF Board
  • Support  development, testing, and dissemination of information relating to seamanship, navigation, safety protocols and weather conditions required to safely engage in offshore voyaging, including competitive long distance offshore races
  • Support the development and furtherance of designs, ratings, and construction methods required to produce seaworthy sailing vessels suitable for long voyages and races in open waters.

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