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CCA-CHE 2019 Fall Cruise and Annual Meeting Announcement

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The “Traditional” Fall Cruise – Tuesday, October 15 to Sunday October 20

Annual Meeting – Saturday, October 19

 “We Want More!” Rendezvous – October 20



The 2019 Fall Cruise will include several rendezvous events, our Annual Meeting and the Sunny Neff Race. If you prefer a longer fall cruise, please join us for an extra evening in Dun Cove off Broad Creek on Sunday October 20. The current game plan follows. A VHF Cruise Net will be held each morning at 0805 following colors on VHF 1078(old 78A) to announce any changes and to provide other info.


Tuesday, October 15: Onshore Rendezvous – Rendezvous by boat or car at the lovely home of Tommy and Renee Closs on the Severn River to kick off the fall cruise (360 Joyce Lane, Arnold, MD or 39.025⁰N 076.52⁰W). Enjoy a beautiful sunset, a heavy hors d’ouerves buffet (sufficient for dinner) and CCA Bar provided beginning at 1700. Anchor out and dinghy ashore to the dock or beach. Limited dock space for those needing such for safe embarking and disembarking will be available.


Wednesday, October 16: Skippers Choice – Make some way towards Thursday’s activities in the Solomons area. Suggestions include a serene raft up on the Rhode River OR visit Knapps Narrows and Tilghman Island which have been opened up to sailing vessels with recent dredging of the west entrance to 9 ft at MLW. Tie up at the Knapps Narrows Inn and Marina (410-886-2720) and enjoy a walk around Tilghman Island and dinner ashore OR make your way to Solomons and enjoy the many treats available there. Let the weather decide and think of these destinations as no, some and enough wind choices.


Thursday, October 17: Rum Keg Rendezvous Afloat – Rendezvous in Mill Creek above the Patuxent River Bridge for the Rum Keg, CCA Bar and Oyster Roast aboard Nellie Crockett beginning at 1700. Participants are requested to sign-up to bring a hors d’oeuvre, salad, side or dessert suitable for stand up dining to accompany the Oyster Roast. Hoping it will not affect your level of effort, we will skip the usual food related prize giving for a different and important challenge described further below. NOTE: We are not planning drive-in arrangements nor will we have tender service available at this location.


Friday, October 18: Little Choptank Raft-Up – Specific location will be chosen and announced on the morning net. Raft-Up with another and/or anchor out and visit around to share some sea stories, good company and maybe a beverage or snack with your fellow members. Make a point to visit with new or recent members who you may not know and make them feel a part of our organization.


Saturday, October 19: Sunny Neff Race and Annual Meeting – A challenging course for the Sunny Neff Race will start in the vicinity of G”1” at the entrance to the Little Choptank and end at the Tred Avon Yacht Club. Sailing instructions will be made available closer to the event. The Annual Meeting and Dinner will be held at TAYC beginning at 1700 (blazer/jacket and tie for men). TAYC offers some dockage ($2.00 per foot under 80ft + $10 electric) and a few moorings ($25.00 per night) – contact the club manager, Vicky Van Loo, at (410) 226-5269. There is also one CCA mooring off the Strand.


Sunday, October 20: Breakfast with our Rear Commodore and ”We Want More” Rendezvous – Cruise participants waking up in Oxford are invited to join Margy and Jim Robfogel at their home (207 N. Morris St – a short walk from TAYC) overlooking the Tred Avon River for a Brunch beginning at 0930 before departing for home or the “We Want More” Rendezvous. The specific location for Sunday’s Rendezvous will be announced at TAYC and on the morning net. Raft up and/or dinghy around. BYO food and drinks. No drive up access will be available.


NOTE: Nellie Crockett has again offered to serve as our gathering spot afloat. Based on our experience, any boats rafting with Nellie will be requested to break off before retiring. It is suggested that skippers anchor or raft with another willing skipper in daylight and dinghy to evening festivities.


The Rum Keg Challenge – As many know, CCA is taking on a mission to preserve and improve our environment particularly as it pertains to sustaining our waters and our sport and pastime. Plastics are a generally acknowledged environmental concern and on each of our cruises we use and dispose of on the order of 100 to 150 non-recyclable plastic CCA cups while consuming Rum Keg and our other favorite beverages. We would eliminate this waste if each attendee arrived with a personal reusable cup. So for the fall cruise we are asking each attendee to bring their best reusable drink holder or do some homework and acquire one to bring. We will award the top two examples with a special prize. “Top” is undefined so think about versatility, hot/cold, size, fits perfectly with your favorite beverage, maintains temperature, easy to clean, general appearance, etc. We will know it when we see it!! So let’s do something to support this mission and bring your chosen cup to the Onshore Rendezvous, the Rum Keg and any visits to other boats in between.


Registration and Fees:

Onshore Rendezvous - $65 pp

Rum Keg Rendezvous Afloat - $25 pp

Annual Meeting Dinner (cash bar) - $70 pp    


Questions – Contact John Devlin, Cruise and Entertainment Chair by email (preferred) at or by phone at 410-591-8106(mobile)