Safety for Cruising Couples

Many cruising teams are couples. CCA has developed a course and related materials designed for sailing clubs and organizations to put on their own safety classes. Safety for Cruising Couples is based on our earlier, and popular "Suddenly Alone" program originally developed by CCA and the Bonnell Cove Foundation.

Interested organizations may download course materials from our Dropbox repository for local speakers to personalize and use as desired.  These materials include subject descriptions and sample PowerPoint files with speaker notes for the course Introduction and Psychology presentation and four other technical segments.

The SCC Program is divided into five presentations consisting of 30-50 minute classroom lectures and three 60 minute hands-on, practical sessions.  An UPDATED text & workbook “Safety for Cruising Couples, including “Suddenly Alone” is available for each student or couple attending.  All sessions of the program can all be done in a single eight hour day or divided into separate sessions (e.g. one a week for five weeks). 

An experienced and respected local sailor should be chosen as Coordinator/Moderator.  This person should deliver the Introduction and monitor the other four topics by introducing speakers and summarizing how their comments contribute to the whole message or goal of the program.  Four Instructors are needed, one for each technical subject.  They should be experienced and familiar enough with their topic to deliver an interesting, informed presentation following the course outline.  Small teams of volunteers can assist instructors during the hands-on sessions.  Advice and answers to questions on all aspects of the SCC Program are available by phone or E-mail from the CCA Program Coordinator at (703) 403-8408.