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Our Ocean Environment

As members of the CCA, many of us sail and explore the oceans of the world with a spirit of adventure and a strong sense of stewardship for the oceans we love.  During our voyages, we become aware of the condition of our oceans and beaches at an intimate level. We have seen pollution on the rise and marine animals becoming at risk, and we want to help.  

This is a call to Arms!

The battle with global warming and pollution is being lost.  CCA members- particularly younger members- can be important “influencers” and are in a unique position to identify the key issues and support intelligent solutions.   Let’s do this in a deliberate way at the local level, with support for the “Environment of the Sea” cause a principal CCA pillar alongside, ocean safety and seamanship.  

The Environment of the Sea Committee (“ESC”) was formed to allow the CCA to provide input to this dynamic worldwide dialogue on the deteriorating condition of our oceans.  We are interested in promoting collaborative systemic change for the health of our marine environment.  We promote environmental “best practices” to prevent pollution and support the philosophy of “Sustainability” in our thinking and actions.

Thus we shall become an active force influencing others to make adventurous and responsible use of the sea.


Definition of “Sustainability”:  The avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

“Reduce, re-use re-cycle” is our simple motto.